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This list will be updated as I write new stories. So here's where you go for all your Argosy fic needs.

Note to linkers/reccers: When possible I prefer links and recs of stories to link back to the versions on my personal journal (in other words, the ones linked in this post) as these are the most current versions.

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SGA Rodney dreams
So yes, the reveals went up a few days ago--um, five days ago, I guess. The story I wrote is McShep, about 6000 words, called Four Universes Where John and Rodney Meet Before Antarctica, and One Where They Don't.

Does what it say on the tin, but I twisted things around a bit. :) It got a little lost in the back-end of a couple of huge days of posting, which at the time caused me Great Angst, since I was sick as a dog at the time of posting. (I'm still a little sick, what's that about? Grr.) So if you like my writing, and you're still reading SGA, I would appreciate it even more than I usually do (which is a considerable amount already) if you'd read it and let me know what you think!


SGA Rodney summons
In yet more holiday goodness, kinseyx has recorded my story Not Without a Plan (aka the one with the maze) as a Podbang gift for her recipient (who is not me) at amplificathon! It's very exciting to get podfic, especially such a long story!

Various podfic formats of the story can be found HERE.

Not Without a Plan was my story from this year's mcshep_match, and someday I will actually archive it somewhere. Normally I would have put it on my journal by now, but it's the longest thing I've ever written and I've been dithering. Should I divide it in two or three pieces on my LJ? Should I post the whole thing to AOOO and link? Advice, please.

In other news, how did my little VLC media player cone-logo-icon thing get a Santa hat?


SGA Rodney hands
*sings* It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Hurray, sga_santa has been posting for a week or so. The story I wrote may or may not have been posted, but the story I received has been, and it's wonderful. ♥

Love is Written in poetry, Marriage in Prose is a lovely Keller/McKay story which ends well on its way to Keller/McKay/Sheppard. It has a wonderfully mature Jennifer who understands a lot, but is still learning about her relationship with Rodney, and his relationship with John--and how they can all make it work. I really enjoyed it, so if that sounds like it might be at all your thing I urge you to read it!

The only problem with sga_santa is that it can be overwhelming--and this year seems more overwhelming than usual, to me (I guess I'm just in that kind of state)--with all the many, many stories being posted.

Here's a very short, very incomplete list of stories I've liked so far, if you're having a hard time deciding where to begin (I haven't come close to getting through them all, but it's a start):

The Hunters: (Mostly gen, some Keller/McKay UST) Fantastic adventure through an underground cave/fortress with Teyla kicking butt and Jennifer holding her own.

Beasts of War and Burden: (McKay/Sheppard) In an alternate universe, John, Lorne and Rodney get turned into dragons by an Ancient device. Rodney gets stuck.

Baby Steps: (McKay/Sheppard) Sweet and funny story about what happens when John and Rodney don't have to hide their relationship anymore.

Unexpected Consequences: (McKay/Sheppard) Old-school hooker-fic wallow. Definitely hits the spot.

Forbidden Planet: (McKay/Sheppard, but pretty gen) Neat mission-on-Earth feel.

Someone to Watch Over Me: (McKay/Sheppard) Dark and very cool. Post-enzyme!Ford is the reasonable one.

A Fist Full of Power Bars: (gen) Hysterical alien animal story. Oh, John.

Accidental Vampire (McKay/Sheppard): Completely entertaining and gleeful and hit my kinks hard.

*whew* Go get reading and commenting!


I should be writing...

SW ROTJ I know
But instead let me share with you this really lovely papercut animated vid of the original Star Wars trilogy. It's gorgeous, and adorable. It's also a few weeks old, so maybe you've all seen it already. if you haven't, you need to check it out.


I emerge only to rant, but it's a good rant

SW leia what!!
I hate the new school where I have to work now soooo much.

So a famous publicist got shot five times in Beverly Hills late last night. Which makes the police block off Sunset Blvd into the next morning. Which I don't know until after I leave for work. Which makes me 10 minutes late to work this morning. Would have been 5, but it's hard to park over there. Following me so far?

So the school (my workplace) has this late list you have to sign if you are late and they also put a lovely red mark on your time-sheet. So far in two months I have been late three times. My workday starts at 8:00 A.M. What were my late times that I had to sign the late sheet and get a mark for? 8:01, 8:02, and swear-to-God, 8:00.

Anyway, I know I'm going to be late this morning because of the um, murder, but when I get there the late sheet isn't out yet so I figure I got a little lucky and go on with my day.

When I go to sign out this afternoon, I get this passive-aggressive shit lovely little note from the principal, who apparently has nothing better to do:

Today, you arrived @ 8:10 and signed in for 8:00 am.

1. That is falsification of time.
2. You are to be @ your work location ready to start your day @ 8:00 am.

Please refer to your contract and Board (something I can't read) with questions

Look, lady, I'm sorry someone died and made me 10 minutes late for work. If you ran a school that treated its employees with respect maybe I would have asked the secretary (who is her own kind of nightmare), "Hey someone was murdered this morning on my way to work, how should I sign in for that?" Or maybe you should cut me some fucking slack for ten fucking minutes before you go talking about "falsification" of time.


I immediately tried to go talk to the principal to say the above, except maybe a little nicer (possibly I would have left out the "bitch" part), but I was brushed off since a kid was coming in with an "emergency."

So I'll talk to her tomorrow. I've already previously filled out my transfer request for reasons completely unrelated to today (the school sucks, can you tell?). Now I'm more motivated than ever to turn it in, but I'll wait 'til after Thanksgiving so as not to give her another reason to hate me. Bitch.

/end rant. I guess I feel a little better? Grr.

I'm boooored, play with me

SW Leia tarp
Comment with a number from 1 to 1104, and I'll upload the corresponding song from my itunes "top-rated" playlist for you!

I have excellent musical taste! Or possibly I don't. Find out!

(And obvs. you should feel free to snag anything you like from the comments!)


flist knows all

Perry the P
I want to get my nephews this t-shirt for their birthdays. (And I kinda wanna get one for me, too.)

The question, o wise and powerful f-list is where can I buy one? Does anyone know where it is sold?

It's Perry the Platypus, just in case you can't see the pic. There's about a zillion of these t-shirts on, but none of them qualify for free shipping and I'd just as soon not pay six or seven extra bucks a pop for them. So I'm willing to *gasp* go to a store in RL if I can find one that carries the shirt. (Which is not something I'm normally fond of, btw.)

The shirt's not listed on the Disney Store website, so I doubt they have it at the store. After a lot of digging, I did see a junior girl's version on the Hot Topic website, and an adult version on the JC Penny website. But what I need are shirts for an 8 and an 11-year-old boy. I guess I'll cross my fingers and go check out JC Penny in person.

But has anyone seen this shirt in a store? I'll love you forever (more than I already do) if you can tell me where I can get it.

At least the voices in my head are pretty

Perry the P
Are you ever just going about your life, doing whatever, and you suddenly realize you've been singing a song in the back of your head for like the last ten minutes and then you have to stop and listen to your brain so you can figure out what song your subconscious was singing?

Just me?

Anyway, turns out the song in my head was this one. And it's adorable, so we could all use a pick-up, hmm?

I feel you, Candace. I love plenty of things that are for "kids." Obviously.

I may be just a little obsessed with this show.

Sad State of Me

SW Vader you all suck
I keep dreaming of making posts where I actually say stuff, or update about my life or whatevs, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen in the near future. But I miss having outside communication (I'm so busy that's not happening in rl either much), so I decided to just start posting in drips and drabs when I can, like shouting out to the LJ/DW wilderness. If anyone wants to shout back at me sometime, that would be appreciated like you don't even know.

1. LA heatwave has been blessedly over for a couple of weeks. Rats made it through fairly unscathed by drinking chilled water and eating popsicles.

2. Saw the closing show of the Eels tour on Tuesday night. Awesome. Any Eels fans out there besides me?

3. I've had to switch workplaces. (I work in Special Ed, for those that don't know. I consider it a day job, while I'm trying to write professionally). New school sucks enough that I'm planning to ask for a transfer. But this has been really depressing me. :(

4. Waaay back in the dark ages, I won such_heights podficcing services in help_pakistan for a story up to 10,000 words. I'm thinking of asking her to record No Place Like Home. What do you guys think? Would you listen? Would you rather hear Rodney's Emo Cat?

Okay, gotta run. Hope to be in communication later. Maybe even about fun and fannish stuff. Argosy out. Peace. (Does anyone over 12 watch Phineas and Ferb besides me?)

Oh my god

113 downtown. 108 at my house. No air conditioning. :( Have given pet rats frozen blueberries.

SW Leia tarp
I need two things:

1. I didn't get any work done yesterday, even though I had time to do it. I'm facing more than one deadline, and a project that scares the living daylights out of me. I tell myself I can let the unproductive day go, but I don't really believe myself (the way I do when I'm telling myself how terrible I am for wasting time), so I wouldn't mind hearing from other people I can let it go, that I can start new today, and that I can and will get work done today. So basically some encouragement, please? I'm in the starting stages of an important (writing) project and I'm terrified. *wibbles*

2. I need a name for a fictional place, and so far I am completely unequal to the task of finding one. I'm writing about a group of teenagers in a residential treatment center for kids with psychiatric and emotional problems, something like this one or this one. Wanna help me name the center? Please? It's important because chances are the whole story script will be named after the treatment center.

The center is in a mountain area (think Colorado), and the tone of the story is kinda day-in-the-life, kinda funny. I'd like to name the center after some local fauna or geographic feature, so I keep looking up wild mountain flowers and such, but with not much luck. I'd like a name like "Everwood" or "One Tree Hill," but those are, you know, taken. Any ideas? Why are names/titles so haaard?

Now might also be a good time to mention that if anyone on my flist has ever spent time in any kind of residential treatment center (especially psychiatric, especially as a teenager), and wouldn't mind sharing some experiences, I would love to talk with you. I'd be seriously grateful and owe you a lot. :) You can email me at the argosy at livejournal address.

Meanwhile it's supposed to be 106 degrees today. o.O Send ice cream.


Yes, it's been over for a while now...

SGA Rodney dreams
...but I never posted this because I have been massively busy with work, and now I am massively saddened by work and I need something to cheer myself up.

So, as you all know:

My team won mcshep_match! My story was:

Not Without a Plan

which is the longest AU-iest thing I've ever written. I worked maybe harder on it than any other story I've written (or at least that how it feels right now), and it came out pretty well, I think. Right? Yes? (Why yes, I am needy about this story.) (Thank you busaikko, quasar273, and miscellanny for all your help!)

If you haven't done so, reading it and leaving a comment would go a long way toward dissipating the morass of sad I'm slogging through, I'm just saying, if you care about things like that... Plus I think you'll enjoy it. It's long! It's AU!

OT: I can't be the only one who gets too depressed to post about depression, can I? Vicious circle, that.

McShep Match Reveals

SGA Rodney dreams
So the author/artist reveals went up yesterday at mcshep_match! I wrote Not Without a Plan aka the one with the maze, aka the longest thing argosy has ever written for any fandom ever by several thousand words. Whew!I hope you enjoyed it. :D

Tomorrow we find out the winning team and right now in unrelated RL I have so much work to do and so little time to do it in. *curls up in small whimpering ball*

Hey, does anyone want to guess...

SGA McShep poke
...which story I wrote for mcshep_match? 'Cause it would make me really happy if you took a guess, in the comments of this post or at the guessing post at the match. Really happy. Look how happy I am. I wrote for Team Work.

And, hey, why not go catch up on the fantastic stories, and leave some comments while you're at it. I need comments. Leaving comments is a good thing to do and promotes healthy teeth and a shiny coat!

Hey did the thing everyone's saying

NCIS Abby cute
about slashes in tags not working go away? 'Cause mine work fine...

Last chance for Help_Pakistan

NCIS Abby cute
The help_pakistan auction is ending today at 1 PM EST, which is 10 AM PST, and 6 PM GMT.

My offering, for an SGA fic of at least 2000 words can be found HERE. I'm going cheap. :D

I got up early so I could place my own bid. I am extremely tempted to bid on a podfic recording so that I can have the podficcer record one of my stories. Is that narcissistic? Okay, of course it's narcissistic, but is that wrong? :)

Help_Pakistan signal boost

NCIS Abby cute
The help_pakistan bidding deadline has been extended! It's now 1 PM EST on SUNDAY THE 29TH OF AUGUST.

Which is 10 AM, my time (PST)

And 6 PM GMT

And that's all I know!

I'm excited! I'll probably wait 'til near the end to see who I can afford before bidding. :) As for me, I'm very affordable! Cheap,even. (Story of my life.) Bid on a 2000 (or more) word fic by me here!

In other news, I have watched the first two episodes of Avatar:TLA! Only five years behind everyone else! :D

I Pimp, You Pimp

NCIS Abby cute
Bad, bad, really irritating news that I'll tell you about later, maybe after I have an ice cream coma, or something. This is going to affect things for a long time for me. :(

For now, let's pimp. Me first. Are you reading mcshep_match? Are you commenting? Are you guessing the authors and artists in the guessing post? Good.

Are you bidding on my fic services at help_pakistan? Why not? I know you want to help Pakistan. Don't you want to tell me what to do write while you're doing it? :D As of now, bidding ends at 11:59 EST on Saturday the 28th.

Okay, now your turn. Man, I am depressed. Pimp me something. What should I watch and/or read? What are you watching and reading? Is now the time to finally watch Avatar:TLA? Should I catch up on The Closer? I haven't even seen Sherlock yet, I'm so behind. Anybody reading anything good? The Hunger Games? Can anyone rec me RayV DS fics? Share the wealth.


NCIS Abby cute
First of all, are you reading mcshep_match? You should be! Go now, I'll wait. *taps toe* We're heading to the end of the fest, and now is the time people start to worry about catching up and commenting on stories they've missed, but not to fear, there'll be a week or so after the stories are posted before voting closes.

At any rate, the stories have been fabulous and I have one for Team Work. There's even a Guess the Authors/Artists Post up now, which are always fun, even though no one has guessed me for anything. *pouts* Is my style so obscure? (unlikely) Or is it just that I haven't posted a McShep in forever? (nods)

Speaking of which, ever want me to write more McShep? Or anything else? I mentioned this once over the weekend, but I have put in an offering at help_pakistan!


My fic offering can be found Here

Please bid! I'm offering a 2000 word SGA story (which will almost certainly be longer). I mention gen and Rodney pairings in the listing, but I'm open for most things. (I have this suspicion that some people on my flist would like to see more of certain het pairings from me, am I wrong?) Anyway, bid! You can tell me what to write! And you'll be supporting an important cause, which is the important part, right?

And also. Thank you so much to everyone who did or said nice things for my birthday! *hugs* I love you all!

Help Pakistan!

Argosy blue typewriter
It's my birthday today, so I'm celebrating by offering something for help_pakistan (and going to see a Star Trek musical later, but that's another story.)


My offering is Here

and reads, in part:

I am offering: An SGA fic of at least 2000 words, probably more. Gen, McShep, McKay/Anyone--het or slash. Other pairings definitely a possibility--just ask.

Fandoms (if appropriate): SGA

Additional Info: I write a lot of humor, some angst. I'm game for anything--any rating, though you're not likely to get a PWP from me.

Starting Bid: $10 U.S.

Have you ever wanted to tell me what to write? It's my first time offering anything like this, and I'm really nervous, so let's make this a good birthday and raise a little money, hmm?
NCIS Abby cute
Hello lovelies. In no particular order:

1. Are you reading mcshep_match? You should be. I have a story for Team Work. (Has it already been posted? Who knows?) There have been some great stories already. I'm tempted to offer a prize for guessing my story, but I don't have a good track record with that. Still, maybe we can arrange something... At any rate go read and vote Team Work!

2. My brother is in the hospital, which I am less worried about now, but I really hope I can bring him home today. One of the worst things is that he was at camp when he got sick, so the hospital is an hour away from us. I've still been visiting because I am a good (and worried) sister.

3. Which more or less brings us to point 3. I could definitely do with some cheering up. (Of course, so could my brother, but I'm trying to take care of that.) My thread in that meme where you tell me you like my fanfic is here. I'm not above a little shameless begging. Obviously.

4. Which kinda brings me to the IMPORTANT QUESTION, in my mind anyway. So there's been some unpleasantness in the SGA fandom lately, from more than one source. I've been doing probably way too much thinking about this. Two things Three things that have occurred to me are a) I'd love to have even more friends that share in the love and joy I have for SGA fandom, b) there seem to be quite a few people around who are new(ish) to the fandom, and c) there hasn't been an SGA friending meme in quite a while. So I really think we need a friending meme--both to celebrate the fandom, and because I want new friends! Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

So I said to myself, argosy, maybe *you* could host a friending meme! And maybe I could! But I feel like such a fandom nonentity and I am painfully nervous/shy--if I host a meme, will people come? And how does one go about running a friending meme in the age of LJ and DW? Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas? Can anyone (please, please, please)link me to some recent friending memes so I can get an idea what one should look like? And seriously, DOES ANYONE THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA?

5. It's my birthday on Sunday! I am old, but I'm still cute! I'm going to see a Star Trek musical to celebrate. :D If anyone felt like writing me some John and Rodney meet preshow in Antarctica fic, now would be the time. Just sayin'...

6. daily_mcshep has been lots of fun lately. This week is "Vegas" week. I am full of myself at the best of times (and yet--painfully shy!), but I'm not quite full of myself enough to post the recording I made of "Solitary Man." But omg, you guys, it is *still* up on the file-sharing site because people still download it every once in a while even *checks* four months later. I can't tell you how much this thrills me. Thank you! I spent a really long time learning and recording it--here is the original post about that if you're interested. And here is the song if you'd like to download. Let me know what you think, if you do. :)

Whew! Okay, that about covers it, I think. Off to the hospital!

Is it too late to do this?

NCIS Abby cute
Yeah, I was at the hospital yesterday and I'm going back today, and Sunday is my birthday, so I need this bad. Click on the pretty link for my thread.

the that's my favorite! meme

A Question...

NCIS Abby cute
Dealing with converting a .doc file to .html has made me curious. So


Do you write in html tags? In other words if you're writing a story in your word processing program of choice and you want to italicize a word will you write < i > on one side and < /i > on the other side (except without spaces)? Or do you italicize or bold it or whatever in the word processing program itself? In which case do you go back and add the tags later? Or use a macro? Or post your story in rich text?

I'm just very curious about people's methods. Personally I put in all the html tags from the very beginning, at the time I'm first writing the story. In fact this is such a default for me that when I am writing something not intended for web publication, my first instinct (and usually my action) is to type in tags when I want to italicize something. Anyone else?

These are the things you ponder in the middle of the night.


NCIS Abby cute
I finished my story!

So I can go see the EELS concert tonight with a clear conscience!

(of course I'm about to fall over, but still)


Very sad

NCIS Abby cute
Maury Chaykin, who was absolutely amazing as Wolfe in the wonderful A&E version of "Nero Wolfe," has passed away at 61.

As a successful Canadian actor, he was in a lot of other stuff as well, including SG-1 and Due South.

If you've never seen it, let me take a moment to wholeheartedly recommend Nero Wolfe. Both Maury Chaykin and Timothy Hutton (as Archie Goodwin) were perfect.




NCIS Abby cute
I just called my Congressional Representative for the first time! (About supplemental funding for the war in Afghanistan which is scheduled to go to a vote in about an hour, so there's still time for you to get your opinion heard on the matter, if you want)

I don't have time or energy for a political debate right now. This post is only to say that calling your Senator or Congressperson is incredibly easy, and the only way they will know what their constituents think is if you tell them.

Here is the main number for Congress--the Senate and House of Representatives--in Washington, D.C:

202 225-3121

You give them your Senator or Congressperson's name (or if you don't know it, your zip code and they'll look it up), and they transfer you to their office. A real person will answer; you give them your opinion; they take your name (and nothing else), and that's it.

I just wanted to give the number and report back that making the call was easy and painless and quick, in case you, like me, ever thought of calling your representative for whatever reason, and then... didn't.
/end PSA

I give up

NCIS Abby cute
Okay, all you Avatar: The Last Airbender enablers (sholio, I'm looking at you, though you're not not the only one on the hook here), it's available streaming instantly on Netflix.

I surrender, are you HAPPY? I have ADDED IT TO MY INSTANT QUEUE. I am WORN DOWN.

Let me finish the story from hell and then I'll watch it so I can see what you're talking about. Will I squee? *fingers crossed*

Netflix thinks I will like it 4.3 stars.



NCIS Abby cute
Three of my favorite people were born today. chavelaprincess, kendas, and my late father.

Happy birthday everyone, and I miss you, Daddy

And birthday wishes in advance to sholio!

♥ ♥ ♥


Please go read...

NCIS Abby cute McShep Match interview at mcshep_work.

It's Friday afternoon in my part of the world and Friday night in a lot of the rest of the world, but I wanted to get it done anyway, and now I'm convinced and vulnerable and loopy that everyone's going to overlook it. Hmm... maybe not such a bad idea?


NCIS Abby cute

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